4 Herbal Tea Recipes to Try in Blender Grinder

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Tea is a refreshing beverage to drink at any time of the day. Literally, for many people, it is impossible to feel fresh until they have had a sip of this beverage. Most people are used to having either black tea or traditional milk tea, but slowly the trends are changing, and they are shifting towards herbal tea. You get a lot of variety of teas in the market, but how many packs can you buy at one time and you do look for variety, right? In this article, we have covered some amazing herbal tea blends, which you can make yourself with some assistance from your kitchen grinder:

Herbal Tea (Traditional Chai with Herbs)

The traditional chai, which is a staple in the Indian households, is very often infused with many herbs actually beneficial for health and to boost the immune system. This recipe for 4 cups of chai will require you to grind together 1 inch of ginger, 2 to 3 green cardamoms, a strand of lemon grass, some mint leaves and basil leaves (Tulsi). Add the herbs mixture to 4 cups of water and let it boil for 5-7 minutes. Now, add the tea leaves and let the tea get infused in the water. Add milk and let the tea simmer for a bit. Strain the tea now and enjoy it while still hot.

Lemon Tea

Lemon gives the tea a certain punch, which makes it a favourite for many people. It is refreshing and packed with Vitamin C. It is great to have it early in the morning. So, have the blend ready in a bottle when you need it. Mix ¼ cup of lemon balm and ¾ cup of lemon grass to your kitchen grinder and grind it coarsely. For every cup of tea that you prepare, add a teaspoon of this blend to the strainer and leave it in hot water for up to 10 minutes. Add honey or sweetener as desired.

Hibiscus Green Tea with Fruit Flavours

People are becoming a fan of green tea for the benefits derived from the antioxidants that it is loaded with. To make it even better, it can be blended with hibiscus and delicious berries or any other fruit. Grind together 2 ounces of dried fruits or berries of your choice with hibiscus blooms. Add this mixture to 6 tsp of your favourite green tea. Combine this mixture with a litre of boiling water and leave it in for 3 minutes. Strain the tea and let it cool. Add sweetener as desired. Serve chilled with ice.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is known for its benefits when it comes to treating heartburn and other respiratory issues. It can also be enjoyed as a delicious beverage in hot as well as cold variants. It is extremely simple to make. Grind ½ a cup of dried peppermint leaves using your kitchen grinder and store in a jar. When making the tea, use 1 tsp of peppermint with 1 tsp of sugar with one cup of water. Leave them in hot water for some time depending on the desired strength of flavour and then strain. You can skip the sweetener if you do not wish to dilute the flavour of mint.

Herbal tea is known to be very beneficial for all ages. It is safe to drink herbal tea during pregnancy and babies can also benefit from some of the herbs in this kind of tea.