Both Boys And Girls Enjoy Kitchen Sets And Soccer


When your kids are young, genders don’t really make a difference, and because of that, you should let both of your kids experience the sports and toys together. However, there are quite a lot of stereotypes, especially today where toy sections are usually divided into two areas, one for the boys, and one for the girls.

This sort of sends out the wrong message towards the kids, as they will usually make fun of each other because they are playing with toys that are intended for the other gender. In order to show your kids the right way of living, sometimes you should just force them to play together with the same toys, even if they are “intended” for the other gender.

Kids kitchens

While you will typically see kids kitchens in the sections for girls, it is a fact that some of the greatest chefs in the world are actually male. It is important to introduce male children to kitchen toys, even if they don’t consider them “many enough” to be played with. Girls, of course, will usually love the kitchen sets, and you will probably have no trouble making them play with these kinds of toys.

The best way to introduce boys to kitchen toys is to shop for a color that is neutral towards both genders, which means pink kitchens are definitely not the best option. You may check out or the website of your nearby toy store, and choose the best kitchen set that will attract both of your children.

Kitchens for kids provide a lot of entertainment


While sports are meant to be one of the universal things for kids of both genders, today sports are much more pointed towards the boys, as they are introduced as dangerous activities. There are quite a lot of successful female athletes in all kinds of sports, and if you have a daughter, you definitely have to teach her how to play all sports that you have the equipment for.


One of the best sports to start with, no matter how old your children are is definitely soccer, which is also known as football in Europe. All you have to do is teach them how to kick the ball towards the goal, and that’s it. If you happen to have more than a single child, then you can introduce them to competitive play as they can swap between the goalkeeper and the striker.

Of course, in order to let them experience soccer as it was intended, you will have to purchase a soccer goal. While those are usually too big to keep on the shelves, you can get a kids soccer goal at Step2 Direct today if you visit the website, or you can also check out if your local toy store is selling it online as well, as delivery to the doorstep is definitely something you are going to appreciate.

Soccer is the perfect introduction to sports and competition

Final Word

There is no need to divide your kids when they are young, especially if they are different genders. Allowing them to play with the toys that they enjoy is going to let them grow up into mature adults while denying them something because it is for another gender is definitely going to stay with them for the rest of their lives, and that is probably not something that you want.