How to Deal With a Bored Dog


When a dog is bored, he can end up doing weird or dreadful things. To keep himself entertained, your pup may decide to chew on your furniture, dig up your garden, and even break out of the fence to find a playmate.

Common signs that indicate you have a bored canine also include:

  • Continuous barking
  • Destructive and restless behavior
  • Pawing for attention
  • Digging in the trash or backyard
  • Jumping

Unlike humans, dogs don’t live as long. Your canine pal doesn’t deserve to do the same things over and over again all his life. He needs diversity in his day-to-day living to ease boredom and get the most out of his doggy years.

As a pet owner, a dog’s misbehavior can be quite a challenge for you especially when you come home to damages after a long day of work. Give your dog something to entertain himself with by following these tips from a Dubai pet food delivery service.

1. Give him some exercise

For dogs, boredom and obesity usually go hand in hand. By giving him enough exercises to do, you don’t only entertain your pup but also help him maintain a healthy weight. If you have a safe and well-maintained yard, then a simple game of fetch with your pup there can already count as vigorous exercise.

In cases where you have more free time, you can also take your dog out running or hiking. This will help your pet release more energy compared to a simple walk in the park.

2. Encourage socialization

When a dog is well-socialized, he is less likely to feel isolation and boredom. As your pet gets to interact with other dogs or people, he gets to learn new things and become familiar with them. This process works best during the puppy stage as your dog gets exposed to different environments so that when he turns into an adult, he doesn’t get scared of them.

When a canine is sociable, it’s much easier for him to achieve physical exercise and mental stimulation. You can set up your dog to have play dates with other canines or, if you’re busy, you can enroll him in a doggy daycare instead.

3. Provide new toys

Playing with the same old toys can get boring after a while. Once a dog gets bored, he may look for inappropriate toys. To keep your canine out of the trash or the garden, give him a variety of approved dog toys to play with.

Keep your pup interested by mixing up his toy stash. You can also hide and rotate toys often so that they’ll always seem new to your dog.

4. Make mealtimes fun

Turning a simple mealtime into a game can help keep your pup entertained. You can try to let your dog knock out a treat dispensing ball or practice his patience through a slow feeder dish. If you’re dealing with a real food hound, try spreading your pet’s kibble all around the house and let him find it.

5. Enroll your pup in training

If you can, enroll your pup in a class with a professional dog trainer. This will help your dog relieve his boredom and develop good behavior as well. Options for classes can include obedience and agility training where your dog has “jobs” or “exercises” to accomplish in the presence of other canines as well as humans.

Once you decide to enroll your pet in a dog class, make sure that it’s a legitimate training facility that employs positive reinforcement. Before choosing a dog trainer, consider the following:

  • Ask yourself what you want your pet to learn as some dog trainers won’t do obedience work or rehabilitation.
  • Make sure that the trainer you select agrees and supports your values because you’re the one who’s living with your dog and will work with him along the way.
  • Check the trainer’s certification. Although there are many brilliant dog trainers who aren’t certified, this ensures that the person went through some requirements to ensure your dog’s safety during training. Certification also makes the trainer accountable to certain standards.
  • Get recommendations from relatives or close friends. Once you find a trainer, ask if you can speak with his previous clients to get a general idea of the trainer’s methods in handling dogs.

Often, all your dog needs are your love and attention to get over his boring days.

When all your efforts to keep your dog entertained are in vain, seek advice from your veterinarian. The vet knows what’s best for your dog and determine whether there’s a medical reason behind your dog’s behavior.


Farah Al-Khojai is the Managing Partner of Pet’s Delight. A passionate entrepreneur, Farah holds a Bsc in Government from the London School of Economics. She is always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop and grow the pet and equestrian retail and wholesale market in the UAE and beyond, and is proud to be at the helm of the first and the largest pet care provider in the market representing world-class brands including Orijen, Applaws, Hunter, Savic, Flamingo, Ruffwear and Rogz.