Recommendations for the Best Dental Masks & Shields


For the vast majority of dental procedures that a dentist undertakes, they will most likely require a dental mask or shield to protect their face. If you are wanting to know what masks and shields to purchase for your dental office, here are the recommendations of the latest masks and shields for sale on dental supplies website GPS Dent that you should take a look at.

Easy Breath Earloop Mask

First off, we would recommend these Easy Breath Earloop Masks. They have been designed to be resistant to any fluids that come into contact with the mask. This resistance to fluid doesn’t come at the expense of comfort to the dentist, as the masks themselves are made using the finest soft, 3-ply material. There is also a high-quality inner lining to maximize comfort.

Face Shields

Face shields are also another necessary purchase.

These face shields allow plenty of room for your glasses if you wear them. There is a velcro headband to allow you to set the face shield to the dimensions of your head for a snug fit. Fogging of the face shield is unlikely to occur, as the surface of the shield has been treated to prevent this from happening. There are two different sizes available – a full-face shield and 0.5 size.

Level 1 Dual Fit Ear-Loop Face Mask (Pleated) 50/Box

We would recommend you use these Level 1 Dual Fit Ear-Loop Face Mask (Pleated) masks for treatments where there is little fluid involved.

We found these masks very comfortable to wear thanks to the comfortable smooth cellulose material that these masks are made of.

Premium Ear Loop Cone Masks

For those dental offices where quality is preferred over budget, you may wish to use these Ear Loop Cone Masks. They offer a comfortable fit due to the fact that they are secured around the ears, which means there is no need to place the mask over the head.

For those with an allergy to latex, they are safe to be worn as they are latex free. They are made of a special material to maximize easy breathing to make them as comfortable to be worn as possible.

If you are looking for more masks and shields, we would recommend that you check out GPSIDental –