The Laptop case is made in the form of a bag with a zipper and comfortable leather handle


The outer material of this Laptop case can perfectly protect your laptop and other personal items from the rain, and the inner flannel fabric will provide soft protection for your laptop and prevent scratches. The logo of the company applied outside adds originality to such bag. Inside there are two compartments: one is for storing a laptop and the other for other accessories. There are also two pockets, zippered and made of mesh fabric. They are ideal for storing chargers, mice, wires and flash drives. At will there, you can place your smartphone, passport, wallet, keys or notebook. The Laptop case will be an indispensable thing for everyday use, work, study and travel. The Laptop case is very light and thin, so you have the opportunity to place it in your backpack to provide even more protection.

The Laptop case is designed in the form of a cover bag to ensure the safety of your laptop and prevent scratches or other damage. It is made of neoprene, which is able to repel water droplets, so your laptop will be protected from moisture if you suddenly fall under the rain. On the inside there is a special lining made of faux fur, which will provide additional protection for the laptop. The Laptop case has an original texture with a pattern in the form of pressed rhombuses. It is also worth noting that the zipper has a double buckle, so you will have easy access to the connector for charging the laptop if necessary.

Handmade Laptop case

Laptop case is ideal for carrying and storing your laptop, because with this bag-case it is provided with reliable protection. The Laptop case is made of genuine textured leather; it will emphasize the premium status of your laptop and will become a stylish accessory for you. Manual work contributes to the perfect fit of the Laptop case on the laptop, and also makes each case individual in its own way.

Functional design Laptop case

The soft leather of which the Laptop case is made, thanks to a special coating, has high wear-resistant qualities and resists scratches, creases, and deformation. The design of the Laptop case is thought out in detail, which makes it possible to carry some small things along with the laptop. At the front, there is a small pocket for headphones, adapters and adapters, a mouse or stationery. The thin profile of the Laptop case allows you to carry your laptop in a backpack, if necessary, and at the same time, it does not take up much space.

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