Maths is a subject that has polarizing opinions from students and parents alike. Some may like it, while others may not. However, mathematics is not an inherently difficult subject, it may time some dedication and effort to comprehend concepts. One of the reasons why mathematics is hard to comprehend is that it is an abstract subject. This means that some concepts in mathematics cannot be illustrated or compared with real-world examples. However, following these suggestions and tips can help you score better marks in mathematics.


Just like any skill, mathematics needs enough practice to attain perfection. A dancer can only perfect their moves if they devote enough time to practice. Similarly, students should ensure that they spend enough time to practice and perfect the various concepts in mathematics. It should also help students to memorize important concepts like formulas or derivations.

Back to Basics

One of the most crucial aspects of learning is to be familiar with the basics. Fundamentals such as the area of rectangle, the area of a square are to be memorized as these form the basis for new concepts in higher classes. Furthermore, brushing up on the basics ensures that the student can effectively comprehend new concepts with ease.

Right Resources

Certain concepts need to be understood other resources other than textbooks. This is where education technology comes into the picture, with newfound potential in the form of immersion and interactivity, mathematics can be an interesting subject to learn. Lastly, the internet holds a vast plethora of resources from previous years questions papers to sample questions and important concepts – all aimed at making you better at mathematics.

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