Top Road Trip Stops in Brisbane


Forget Melbourne, Cairns, or Sydney, there are other places that you can visit that offer a lot of great things. They may not be as well known as these high recognizable names but they are worth visiting in your motorhome hire.

As you start to plan a road trip in a motorhome hire, we know of a place that is full of a lot of great things to do, as well as beautiful places to see nearby. Brisbane may not be as talked about as some other spots in the country but we sure do love it.

There is so much to do in Brisbane, so you want to make sure to go prepared, especially if you’re road tripping throughout the state of Queensland. The following stops are only a few of the top places to visit while visiting Brisbane and the surrounding areas on a road trip:

  • Visit Moreton Island and enjoy visiting the local marine life in the area. Located in southeastern Queensland, not far from Brisbane lies Moreton Island—the perfect destination for those looking for crystalline waters and plenty of marine life to appreciate. Whether you want to feed dolphins, go snorkeling and swim with fish, or go diving to see the sunken boats of Tangalooma Wrecks, this is a paradisiacal destination that you don’t want to ignore.
  • Take some time to explore D’Aguilar National Park. A beautiful park near Brisbane, you’ll want to visit D’Aguilar National Park if you need some time in nature. The variety of landscapes in this gorgeous area is worth stopping for on your road trip. Breathtaking subtropical rainforests as well as eucalypt woodlands, plus Mount Mee and waterfalls, this park will reward you with gorgeous views and lovely flor and fauna.
  • Get to know koalas at Daisy Hill Koala Centre. While you’re in Australia, you may want to get to know what is quite possibly one of the most iconic animals in the country. The Daisy Hill Koala Centre will allow you to get to see these cute creatures in a safe environment, both for you and them. While people aren’t allowed to handle the koalas or pet them, it’s still a fun experience and an educational one as well. If you’re traveling with your kids, this could be a fun experience for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Take some time to visit Lake Moogerah. Do you want to get out of the city while visiting Brisbane? While Brisbane certainly offers a lot of opportunity to be outdoors, you could consider visiting Lake Moogerah. Whether you want to go fishing, or boating, or jet-skiing, there are a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy at Lake Moogerah.
  • Go to Coolangatta for some fun in the sun. Not far from Brisbane is Coolangatta, located in the Gold Coast area. It’s the perfect spot for a fun beach holiday. With a lot going on and a large stretch of beach to enjoy, it’s perfect for a weekend getaway or simply to visit while traveling around in a campervan. You could go surfing there if that’s your cup of tea or do some whale-watching while you’re in the area.
  • Climb Story Bridge. A favorite for locals and tourists alike is Story Bridge. Not only for the views of the bridge from the city but also because you can climb on it. Just imagine being able to climb on a bridge with fascinating views of the city ahead of you. It’s a breathtaking experience for the adventurer who wants to enjoy one of the most iconic experiences to be had in Brisbane.
  • Visit Mount Coot-ha. Easy to climb and rewarding visitors with panoramic views of the city below, as well as Moreton Bay, it’s an activity that you’ll want to do, if you’re all about those “social media worthy” places.

In Conclusion

Brisbane is a really great place with a lot going on. While some people wonder why it’s not as well-known as some other cities in the country, if you’d ask the Brisbane-ites, they’d probably want to keep it that way.

From the night markets to South Bank to the fun experiences to be had in the city itself and the many beautiful places nearby, there really is no reason why anyone could hate Brisbane. From the fun and multi-cultural vibe in the city to the beautiful nature that is present in this state of Australia, you’ll want to make a point of visiting Queensland.

Pack up your motorhome hire and head on over to Queensland to discover why Brisbane and the surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful places in all of Australia. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed, if fun-loving people, gorgeous beaches, and plenty of exciting adventures are your jam.