Vital Components for a Strength Training Program


Maintaining a training program offers a lot of benefits that help keep your health and fitness levels in check. Nowadays, the internet is filled with workout routines making it quite challenging to pick one that’ll fully meet your fitness needs.

However, there are a few pointers that you can use to scan whether a training routine will leave you with the right benefits in the long run. Well, without further ado here are some components you should consider before adopting any training regimen.

The Correct Intensity

Intensity plays a significant role; the right intensity will help you trigger hypertrophy. However, overtraining may lead to early burnout or even muscular injury which will eventually lead to loss of form.

A proper strength training routine should include an average of four days of strength workouts per week. For newbies, you can start with three days per week and then work on adding an extra day once you have improved your fitness levels.

Full Body vs. Split Workouts

Full body workouts work every muscle group within your body in a single training session. On the hand, we have split body training routines that focus on specific muscle groups in a single training session. For example, you can work on your lower body today then the upper body tomorrow and so on.

Split body training routines have a few benefits over full body workouts. One is that they give your muscles more time to recover and rebuild before the next workout session. Secondly, unlike in complete body training, you can quickly increase the intensity or load within a single workout session.


A healthy diet coupled with an extensive training routine brings the best results. Always remember that abs are made in the kitchen and you cannot work out on an unhealthy diet. Ensure you’ve got a healthy meal plan before settling down on a training routine.

Naturally, this will ensure that you achieve the fitness gains you’re looking for in a consistent and timely manner.

Herein, you can also use nutrient and mineral supplements to ensure your body receives its daily nutrient needs. Workout supplements, for example, testosterone and other brands of steroids available at can help you gain better results.

Warm Up and Cool Down Sessions

A warm-up session is significant in activating your muscles and joints. However, for your warm-up routine it is essential that you involve drills that will work the joints and muscles you’re going to exercise on that day.

For your cool-down session, you can opt for a stretching routine or light jogging. This will help kickstart recovery within your muscles.


Once you’ve got everything right, it is up to you to put in the hard work and remain consistent throughout. You may even fail to notice any significant results after your first month of training, and this is entirely normal.

Always look to making extra gains over your training period while at the same time improving your intensity.